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Nineteen years old UK rapper and freestyle killer Tia Carys flourished from realm of Instagram. Accepting every rap challenge and churning out her own reworks of tracks and freestyles from the world’s top artists like Drake, Fredo, Burna Boy and Nafe Smallz, her video views have soared and certainly gained the right kind of attention.

She released her first single “English X Ghana” in 2019 where she proudly presented her mixed English and Ghanian heritage and the different aspects of the cultures that make her. Her rapping style and airy singing voice made it really amazing to listen to.

English X Ghana Lyrics

However, that single was just an indication to what was to come in 2020. In January this year she released her new single “Figure Me Out“. With the help of her energy, wit and her amazing talent for lyrical flow, she artfully revisits her memories of family, struggles with self-image, and social exclusion.

Tia Carys also made her debut on the Link Up TV channel with brand new single ‘Untouched’. Another demonstration of her raw talent – aptly matched with raw footage from her studio session – bringing the free-flowing freestyle to life.

Tia has already made it clear that she has a lot to say – and that she’s not afraid to say it. So watch out for this star-in-the-making as she sweeps us off our feet with her free-flowing lyrics and amazing confidence.

Keep a track of her in Twitter and Facebook. You can also stream /download / play / buy her tracks here.

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