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Chromatics, the widely acclaimed electronic pop band from Portland, Oregon had a slow but steady rise since its formation in 2001. Their third and fourth albums “Night Drive” in 2007 and “Kill for Love” in 2012 were critically acclaimed showstoppers.

Over the years, Chromatics’ music has been featured in various television series like Revenge, Riverdale, Bates Motel, Gossip Girl, Twin Peaks, etc. and in films like Drive (2011) and Taken 2 (2012).

Shadow (2015)
Shadow Lyrics
Kill For Love (2012)
Kill For Love Lyrics
Into The Black (2012)
Into The Black Lyrics
Cherry (2013)
Cherry Lyrics
Running Up That Hill (2007)
Running Up That Hill Lyrics
In The City (2010)
In The City Lyrics
Tick Of The Clock (Instrumental) (2007)
The Page (2012)
The Page Lyrics
Black Walls (2018)
Black Walls Lyrics
Blue Girl (2018)
Blue Girl Lyrics

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